Sell anywhere

Kwikk works on all types of websites and web based platforms. All you need is to paste or generate the buy button where you want it. You can even sell directly from Facebook or Instagram!

Kwikk uses modern web technologies to insert a buy button on the page with plain HTML and JavaScript. If it sounds like Greek to you, it means that it works on all websites, on all computers and on all mobile phones that can display a regular modern website. Do you use a Website platform that does not allow its own JavaScript (ie if Kwikk button does not show up the way you do), you can also paste a link to a page that shows the purchase button.

The link can also be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media, which means that you can sell to Kwikk even if you do not have your own website or blog. We also ensure that your terms of purchase, delivery terms and privacy policy are available regardless of where the customer is shopping.

All orders come to you directly via email. You can also log in with us and easily get an overview of all pending orders. The customer receives a text message with a link to a digital receipt, and can then receive a copy sent to their own mail.

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Sell to anyone

Do you sell goods, services or digital products? Are you looking for your customers or are they coming to you? With Kwikk you can send out both customized and recurring offers in the channels your customers have.

You may not have a website, or you may already have a complete e-commerce platform with a finished payment flow. It doesn’t matter – Kwikk has something for everyone. For those of you who want to sell in many channels, Kwikk is perfect – the buyer gets the same experience if they shop via the link on Facebook as directly on your website. You can also change what text is on the button – best fit “Buy now!” Or “Add to cart”? You decide!

We have also made it possible to customize the look of the button with CSS, so that it blends in with the page and matches your brand. If you wish, you can customize the look of the entire checkout experience.

Do you already have an e-commerce store with loads of products? It is easy to generate the code for the buy button dynamically, so even the most complex products and article combinations can be sold with Kwikk. We also send a callback with the entire order in digital format (JSON) to an address of your choice. From there you can send the order details to your ERP system, send information to an engraving machine, play a fanfare in the office or whatever you need.

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Sell ​​anything

There are no restrictions on what you can sell with Kwikk. Clothes and decor? No problem. Tickets and membership fees? Easy. Parking fees or solarium time? You set the boundaries.

The whole point of Kwikk is that you as a salesperson should be able to focus on doing what you are good at, and not have to worry about programming, updates and other technical mumbo-jumbo. Therefore, we have made sure to build an online cash register that can handle all possible cases.

Kwikk handles various VAT rates, private and corporate customers, freight rates and limited numbers (stock balance). You can also generate the codes yourself, so it is not difficult to customize the buttons dynamically if you have more complex products or if the price varies. Read more under “Sell how you want”.

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For a sustainable future

By making it easy for anyone to start selling on the internet, through their website or social media, even small stores can find new customers across the country. We have no fixed monthly fees, so Kwikk costs only if the seller makes money. It also allows small businesses to test selling online without making an investment or changing their entire business. Win-win!

We want everyone to have the opportunity to use the Internet as a platform to reach their customers. We also want small-scale and local producers to have the same opportunity to niche as international giants have, so that more consumers can choose local products. They believe we are a sustainable development of trade.